Heartbeat configuration. Configure app.yaml according to your needs.

  # configuration of websocket long connection
    pingInterval: 30s
  # heartbeat.kind="checker or cache"
  # if heartbeat.kind equals to 'cache', should set cacheCapacity,workerNum and taskTimeout
  # capacity = 10000
  # workerNum = 10
  # timeout = 10
  kind: cache
  cacheCapacity: 10000
  workerNum: 10
  timeout: 10
field description required value
heartbeat.websocket.pingInterval websocket ping interval. yes like 30s
heartbeat.kind there are two types of heartbeat plug-ins. With cache and without cache. yes cache/checker
heartbeat.cacheCapacity cache capacity yes a integer, like 10000
heartbeat.workerNum the number of working cooperations yes a integer, like 10
heartbeat.timeout processing task timeout (default unit: s) yes a integer, like 10